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IP/Domain Mess!!!

kmecpp posted Jul 18, 14
So, recently you've probably tried connecting to the server, only to find that it appears to be offline. This is because for some reason, the host changed the server's IP. I will talk to the hosting company later to figure out exactly why this has occurred, but for now you can connect to the server using the default hostname this should work in all cases. I will work on updating the custom domains we have to the new ip in case one of these is the only one you know of. You can try all of these domains with the list below.
aljaz360 help kme
aljaz360 i cant connect to server

New RubberSpark Modpack!

kmecpp posted Jun 30, 14
The RubberSpark modpack has been updated to support TechnicSolder! However, we unfortunately had to move the pack to a different location to fix the name problem we were having, and we lost all of our +1s, so we encourage everyone, if you like the modpack to please consider taking 15 seconds to leave it another +1 on the Technicpack website here, All the same features of the modpack are still here and the server has remained virtually untouched, but the download speed is now much faster as it is hosted from my personal website! We are also going to continue to offer the same reward of a massive drop party once the modpack reaches 100 +1s on the technicpack website. As before the progress bar to reaching that goal is below.

Progress bar for reaching the goal of 100 +1s for this modpack:

RubberSpark Modpack!

kmecpp posted Feb 2, 14
Check Out kmecpp's Modpack, RubberSpark. It Is A Technic Modpack With A Running Official Server And Growing Community. Please +1 It To Help Out, And To Get Closer To Reaching A Drop Party (Progress Bar Below)

Click Here *Direct**Adfly* To Download The Modpack!

Kript update in the launcher tekkitashley
Kript like the mods installed kmecpp very impressive
Alondra Not including 5 hours to create a world
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