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We’re very happy to announce that we just downgraded the server website to save money! The result is visibly identical but saves us an extra 21 bucks each month! This is amazing after practically wasting that money for almost a year on extra features we didn’t need! We achieved this by removing a bunch of back-end stuff in the website which was basically useless! The only thing that will be noticeably different is that the maximum amount of players on the TeamSpeak will be lowered to 10 people instead of 25 but we can always pay for more slots if needed. With such a significant cut on the server expenditure and the imminent released of the new Technic platform and launcher, we are going to start developing the RubberSpark server more! As always here’s the link to the modpack, http://goo.gl/rakb9s,

We encourage everyone to try it out and remember to leave it a +1. The hardware for the official server has been upgraded to bring everyone a better game play experience and the modpack will probably be receiving and update soon!Also, we’re sorry for not posting an article for like… 4 months which is pretty embarrassing but we haven’t kept the community in the dark on what’s happening. If you haven’t noticed it yet, there’s a new notification feature on the server which will alert you whenever we post a small update (which is much less daunting the writing this), and we also have an official Twitter were we post everything else so be sure to follow us @RubberCubes !
IxGenesis so... what exactly do you do with our donator money then... spend it on household goods ect? or making the server better...
After talking with the TechnicPack on the issues regarding the recent Voltz update they have finally decided to revert the recommended build of Voltz back to 2.0.4 for a while! This change is not permanent and will probably only last at long as it takes for many of the bugs with resonant induction and ICBM to be fixed. At which time Voltz will update the latest development build at that time. To avoid confusion and utter chaos in the feature when this takes place I will do my best to explain the changes that will be happening when this all takes place. The first things that everyone should keep in mind is that the world will not technically be reset... It's chunks will be moved into an auxiliary world that will be accessible but not effect the new main world that will be generated. Anyone who has bought the obsidian pack or above will have their bases moved from the auxiliary world into the main one. Some things to know about the shop, economy and ranks are as follows: Player balances will probably not be reset unless they exceed a maximum cap, if they do, then that player's balance will be lowered to the maximum point. The shop will not be accessible for a couple of days after the update because of changes with item ID's I don't want people buying what used to be 1 copper ingot and getting a space ship instead :P As for player inventories, they will most likely not be reset unless corruption with the data files has occurred. Lastly, there will be no changes to anyone rank unless the PVP ranks that you get for killing people doesn't work anymore with minecraft 1.6.4 in which case i will rewrite that plugin myself as it is an abandoned project.
jojobees I'm assuming that when all of the changes are finalized, the Auxiliary world will become the main world again?
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