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VoidFlame o posted Jan 1, 16

Many of you know me as kmecpp, but I have decided to change my identity to better reflect my position as the owner of the VoidFlame Network. As a result of this, I have created a new Enjin account with my updated name. You can view my new profile at this URL: http://www.voidflame.com/profile/14403434. From now on I will not be using my previous account but the posts and data from that account will still be present on the site. For this reason I thought it was necessary to make an official announcement clarifying the change as well as any questions anyone might have. My new account name is @VoidFlame so don't be supprised if you see that account hanging around the forums with an "Owner" tag.

After about three weeks of coding, the server can finally support Minecraft username changes! Please note that you must come on the server after this point in time, and then change your username if you want any of your items and player data to be transferred. This is because the server needs to register your minecraft UUID into a database. If you are reading this in game then you have absolutely nothing to worry about, however if you haven’t been on the server since this article was posted get on pronto so our database can store your real UUID and update it in your player data! We will not restore any lost items and/or data if you do not follow this one simple task. Also, if you have already changed your username then don’t ask us to either. The only condition under which we will restore ANY data is if you’ve lost a rank due to a name change, otherwise do not ask.>

JayBudder10 I bought the custom upgrade and paid the difference from iron to gold two days ago... how come my rank hasn't chang...
madPLAYZVsGAMING Hello, I changed my user name and lost my titan rank due to a username change! thanks -Mad
Bowcaster338 Yo kmecpp, i have lost my emerald rank due to name change/minecraft changes. Could you please restore it? Bowcaster338 w...
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