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After talking with the TechnicPack on the issues regarding the recent Voltz update they have finally decided to revert the recommended build of Voltz back to 2.0.4 for a while! This change is not permanent and will probably only last at long as it takes for many of the bugs with resonant induction and ICBM to be fixed. At which time Voltz will update the latest development build at that time. To avoid confusion and utter chaos in the feature when this takes place I will do my best to explain the changes that will be happening when this all takes place. The first things that everyone should keep in mind is that the world will not technically be reset... It's chunks will be moved into an auxiliary world that will be accessible but not effect the new main world that will be generated. Anyone who has bought the obsidian pack or above will have their bases moved from the auxiliary world into the main one. Some things to know about the shop, economy and ranks are as follows: Player balances will probably not be reset unless they exceed a maximum cap, if they do, then that player's balance will be lowered to the maximum point. The shop will not be accessible for a couple of days after the update because of changes with item ID's I don't want people buying what used to be 1 copper ingot and getting a space ship instead :P As for player inventories, they will most likely not be reset unless corruption with the data files has occurred. Lastly, there will be no changes to anyone rank unless the PVP ranks that you get for killing people doesn't work anymore with minecraft 1.6.4 in which case i will rewrite that plugin myself as it is an abandoned project.
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