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As almost none of you know (Because it happened like a couple minutes ago) the Technicpack just promoted version 3.1.1 of Voltz to it's recommended build. This means a bunch of changes will take place on the server, that is...if it updates. I have been talking with Technicpack and told them of an issue with this build that might just be severe enough to delay the update. The reason why it's such a big problem was because almost no one knew about it. Not even them. In fact, the only reason we did was because it is an issue with our own modpack, RubberSpark - http://goo.gl/9lJ8gP Hopefully this will be worked out quickly enough and i will post updates here. Also, with the update of the modpack it seems that Mekanism has been removed :( and that the Technicpack team have no intension of putting it in the modpack. R.I.P Mekanism
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